Hannah Rose Weber, Farmer/Owner

With an up bringing deeply tied to the farms and restaurants of Northern Michigan, and a background in photography and writing, Hannah found her way to farming through her love of food and art making. She cut her teeth by way of intensive training in organic farm management through Michigan State’s Student Organic Farm, and now seeks to build a small farming business that brings consumers closer to the origin of their food. When she’s not farming she's cooking or sharing a beer with her farmer friends. 

photo credit Petar Pavlov

photo credit Petar Pavlov

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Matthew Keating, grounds Manager

Matthew Keating has been 5 years farming in Ann Arbor and adding youthful energy to the archaic practice and lifestyle, balancing the soil rich days by dancing Argentine Tango in the night. 




Marina Lualdi, ambassador

Marina has worked closely with farmers in Ann Arbor as a vegetable liaison at Argus Farm Stop 2015-2017 and as a farm assistant at the Land Loom in the summer of 2017. She helps farmers keep their bodies in shape with her wonderful restorative yoga.