The Farm


The Land Loom is a young produce operation with a focus on growing year-round salad greens and warm-season diversified vegetables, herbs, and flowers for the Ann Arbor area community of eaters and artisans. By sustaining a high level of personal connection between customers, farmers, and the land, we seek to encourage a lifestyle of health, wellness, and community engagement. The Land Loom is currently located at the Tilian Farm Development Center in Ann Arbor Charter Township.


This Season

In our 4th year of growing food for our community:

·      We will continue our collaboration with other local growers and local food system activists to create new ways of bringing fresh food to a broader scope of local eaters, and to inform our diverse community about the true benefits of purchasing fresh and local produce from small-scale farmers.

·      We will strive to focus our growing efforts on crops that our members and customers love to eat, while simplifying the working systems of our operation to ensure the health and well being of our farmers.

·      We are bringing on the help and expertise of a few well-trained farm managers to provide more perspective and energy to day-to-day tasks and decision-making.

·      With the investment of a cultivating tractor, a transplanter, and corresponding implements, we hope to streamline our growing techniques in order to maintain more consistency and higher quality in the produce we bring to market.

·      We will continue our search for a permanent home for The Land Loom so that we may continue to grow for many years to come.